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Dear Mattie-Why Should We Care About Adele?

Nov 24, 2015

Dear Mattie- I don't really consider myself a music person, but that said I can't help but hear that damn Hello song by Adele everywhere. A part of me wants to not like it because, if I'm being honest, I'm the girl that tries not to jump on the majority bandwagon.  But that being said, that song is so good. And I find all my friends, who are pretty dang diverse, all love it too. Mattie, you're a therapist...why do we love Adele so damn much?  Jordan, 27

Dear Jordan,

Wasn't it Benjamin Franklin who said two things in life are certain...death and taxes?  Well, he should have added, "One day thou will love Adele so much so, that you bitches are gonna be sitting in 9am traffic, as red tail lights blaze in front illuminating the tears coming down your face and the snot running out your nose, while ye fellow drivers look on and wonder, 'Why is that person ugly crying and singing?'" 

Jordan, I'm like you. I'm not a real music person. I like what I like and I pretty much stick to it, but even as I write this Adele is streaming in my head, looping like a Vine. It's called the Adele Effect people. The Oprah Effect makes you wanna buy shit and the Adele Effect makes you rip your heart out and watch it be pecked by vultures, because that might hurt less. And you just want Oreos afterwards to numb the pain. (Ok, just me.) So here are my top three reasons why everyone loves Adele:

1. SHE KEEPS IT REAL:  Remember that break up you had 4 years ago that you thought you were "totally over". Guess what? You're not. You probably told yourself you were, got a lil' drunk, maybe got a laid a couple of times, but then you let the business of life crowd your brain and numb your pain. I once had a friend tell me a story about how they woke up in the middle of the night and remembered the shit they went through with an ex of five years and they just sobbed. FIVE YEARS LATER---and still sobbing. She said she realized she needed to fully feel it so she could fully free it.  Remember that--we need to FEEL it to FREE IT. This is emotional health 101.  Adele sings about the emotions we want to categorize as "those-who-shall-not-be-named" feelings. And I believe her bravery, honesty, and vulnerability are what gobsmacks us so much. So let her in sugar, so you can let it out.

2. THAT VOICE: This is pretty simple.  No one in the world sounds like Adele. No one. No, not that girl who sang at your bat mitzvah. And no, not that video of a very pretty Filipino man who sings kinda like Whitney Houston. First, of all he will never be Whitney. RIP. And secondly, NO ONE sounds like Adele.

3. SHE GIVES A SHIT:  Have you seen the video of Adele surprising her fans? It's wonderful. Impersonation is truly the best form a flattery and Adele knows it. This video of Adele dressing up as an impersonator and then SURPRISING all the other fans/impersonators, gives me hope in humanity. In it Adele shows her humor and also great appreciation for these people that love her. And I think we hear that in her music...she truly tries to connect with us. 

At the end of the day, we all want two things: to be seen and to know someone "gets us". That's what Adele does, she sings about the parts of our life that we think no one else gets. And in this quick paced, liked and favorited, environment we are in, how long do you actually take to Stop. Drop. and Feel? Maybe it's time for you.  Let Adele's voice wail and soar through your soul, you might realize you're not that alone after all.



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