DMS 141: Erica Mandy from The Newsworthy Podcast

Erica Mandy is on a mission to give us unbiased news that doesn't make us want to kill ourselves. Well sugars, thank goodness for her podcast The Newsworthy--because she does just that.

theNewsWorthy+with+Erica+Mandy.jpegThe state of news is a state, sugars! (See how I did that?) But seriously, is it fake, is it real, or is it all crazy?

Loved having journalist Erica Mandy from The Newsworthy podcast because dang, y'all. She breaks it down and gives you some perspective on how to find out what is actually happening in the world. 

I've really enjoyed listening to her show too, y'all. Like for real. I would highly recommend subscribing because it really is a true perspective of what's happening in the world--and also--I don't feel disgusting after I listen.

You can find all things Erica on her website:

Or subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts HERE!


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