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Look at Kali Williams. I know doesn't she look real sweet. Well she is, but she's also a badass. This lady is a confidence and empowerment coach for women in business. She spent years being a dominatrix and helping women with sexual confidence. So I know what you're thinking, what does that experience have to do with business confidence? Well, I think kinda everything. I loved talking to Kali but I think she is getting at the essence of feeling comfortable in your own skin, aka confidence. I know that before I came out the angst I had about my own sexuality oozed into my life like some type of toxic ooze that would turn turtles into ninjas. When I finally came out and got rid of the trepidation, shame, and idea that who I am was bad, I became a confident person. An assertive person. A person who tries more and fears less. Loved this conversation with Kali and I hope you do to. Listen at www.dearmattieshow.com/podcasts or on iTunes or Stitcher. Talk soon sugars- Mattie

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