Dear Mattie Show 107: Kate Casey from Reality Life

Kate Casey's life seems perfect. She's cute, blonde, funny. But sugars, y'all have NO idea how far she has come to get her happy. Also, Poodle aka Jake is co-hosting on this episode!

Kate Casey.jpegKate Casey from Reality Life is well...real.  She's a podcaster, stand-up comic, Mom of four kids, and smart AF.  AND she's a no BS kinda gal.

What I loved about this interview is that I often write off reality TV and honestly reality stars. But I love that Kate remembers to see them as people, and yes call them out for ridiculous things they do, but also to remember they have a great story behind what we are seeing.  You should definitely subscribe to her show,  REALITY LIFE WITH KATE CASEY.

Seriously y'all, this show is why I do Dear Mattie. One of my most favorite episodes I have done. Perfect combo of humor, heart, and helpfulness. Thanks Kate!


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