Dear Mattie Show 110: Can Tough Love from a BFF be Too Much & When Does Pranking go Too Far?

It's one of THOSE episodes---Poodle, aka Jake, is back to help Mattie answer all your advice questions. Get ready for some Truthtalk, sugars!

Poodle and Mattie.jpgMattie opens the show with his bff Jake Anthony, and they discuss Jake's new show The View Upstairs. Listener questions include: My best friend gave me some truthtalk but was it too tough? I want to buy my gf a sex toy--but will that make me useless? And a couple is pranking one another but they feel like they might be taking it too far?

Also Mattie busts out a new Chatty Matty section just for Jake--since it's his fourth time on the show.


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