Ep 2: Ali Velez

If Matt Marr is the Gay White Oprah, then Ali Velez is his Puerto Rican Gayle.

ali_velez.jpgAli Velez is a sassy, sassy gal with large biceps and red lipstick.  She's also another one of my BFFs.

In this episode, Ali & I discuss the importance of cheese, if child brides should give dating advice, and we give advice to a girl who needs to come out at school.

Ali is a Video Curator for YouTube Nation, a daily show that showcases the most awesome videos that are on Youtube.  She also does on-camera segments for the show and she's adorable. Ali performs stand-up and storytelling shows all around Los Angeles...oh and she has her masters from Harvard.  She be smart, y'all. 

4/22/2016-Ali is now Ali Alderfer but writes under Ali Velez for BUZZFEED.  https://www.buzzfeed.com/alivelez

Follow her on Twitter @ MeAliVelez


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