Ep 48: Jake Anthony RETURNS!

Mattie sits down AGAIN, with one if his most popular, and opinionated guests...Jake Anthony.

jakeandI.jpgI know this picture is years old but it's the only picture I have of myself and Jake Anthony, aka Poodle, at the holidays. YES! IT'S A HOLIDAY SHOW! And we're dishing out some holiday etiquette advice--what do you expect from two Southern Queens?!  And other topics include: What is the best way to deal with bullies at work? How do I tell my over-bearing mother-in-law to back off?

This episode is truly Poodle and I at are most finest, holiday sisterly-squabbling selves. (And I'm sure he would have opinions about that sentence and the grammatical errors!) But after we get done fighting we do get to your questions, and Poodle answers some special Christmas Chatty Mattie questions! This show is the one for your holiday travels. Safe travels! Enjoy.



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