Dear Mattie Show 65: Rhoda Mill Sommer, Couples Drama & Trimming the Bush

Mattie is on the road in Chicago with Rhoda Mills Sommer, a licensed Social Worker with a TON of experience with couples work...she's also like your cool hippy aunt!

what_1400x1400.jpgIf I lived closer to Rhoda Mills Sommer, I would have her as my couples therapist in a heartbelt. She's fun, smart, and has a great tell it like it us type of mentality. She's just real--but she also doesn't judge you.

It's like that ain't you had you wouldn't let things slide one bit, but you know loved you with all her heart. That was sitting down with Rhoda for me. 

She also has a great great great GREAT podcast about couples therapy, WHAT HEALTHY COUPLES KNOW THAT YOU DON'T. I really love it so much and I've applied some of her pearls to my own relationship.  I will definitely be having her back on the show for sure.

Here all things Rhoda:

Podcast: What Healthy Couples Know that You Don't 
Twitter: @rhodaoncouples
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