Dear Mattie Show 66: Brian Drury, Ginger Power & Overcoming Graduation

Mattie chats it up with fellow ginger, Brian Drury, author and host of Overcoming Graduation--which is maybe the best feel good podcast out there, sugars.

Brian Drury.jpgBrian Drury is more beautiful on the inside than he is out the outside--and THAT'S saying something sugars!  Brian truly has a confidence that I WISH I had when I graduated college. 

You know that freaked out feeling you had when you graduate from Undergrad and you basically wanted to pee your pants because you had NO IDEA of what to do--Brian's mission is to help you with that.  He's the host of a great great great podcast Overcoming Graduation and he is just all heart.

Like seriously, I just want to get a lil' drunk with him, laugh, and then we would both probably talk about how much we love our lives and start crying. Yeah we are cheeseballs...I'm pretty sure we're related. Oh he also wrote a book that's gonna make all you ladies and gay men want his babies. Seriously, he's the nicest guy ever.  Ginger babies y'all.

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