Dear Mattie Show 73 Mark Asquith, DC Rebirth & Hearing Your Roomate Bang Your Girlfriend

Mark Asquith is the DEFINITION of a go-getter. And he's British. So of course I love him.

MarkAsquith.jpgI mean...LORD. Look at that man in that suit!  He's like my James Bond. 

I know I say this about every man on my show, but Mark Asquith really is SOOOOO HOT. Okay he's also really smart, a do gooder, and HE'S BRITISH!  #Icant

In this episode, Mark and I discuss why so many entrepenuer shows aren't really that helpful and we have a big nerd out about DC Comics relaunch called Rebirth.

Mark now has 4 VOLUMES---meaning 4 whole series of podcasts--avail for you to start, market, and succeed and your buiness or side hustle. I know...he's legit and I feel lazy, sugars!  Just search iTunes for "Excellence Expected" or here's a link to one of the series

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