Dear Mattie Show 74 Harry Duran from Podcast Junkies, 1 Pissed off Sister, and How to Start a Podcast

Harry Duran is the host that all the podcast hosts open up to. But now the tables are turned as he spills to Mattie what matters to him most.

Harry Duran.jpgPodcast Junkies was born out of Harry's interest in podcasters and why we do what we do. I love his show because it's like starts from the head but always meanders into the heart of why we all love podcasts. 

We also talk about what got him out to California from the east coast.  This man faced a stock market crash (a business he worked in) and faced a Hurricane, and decided to live a life of purpose rather than profit.  And now he's doing both those things.  Harry's an inspiring guy y'all.  Take a listen to his show and subscribe.  You won't regret it sugars.

Also this week, I'm a guest ON his show! Listen:

Find all things Harry here:  His Podcast and his business 

Also, his website is WAAAAYYYYYYYY more detailed than mine.  Don't expect that from people--I'm not as smart as Harry!



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