Dear Mattie Show 75 Bryan Teare, What's a Quarter Life Comeback & Cooing over how How Bryan Teare is!

Bryan Teare's mission in life is to help others not freak out about turning 25. He's also a model with a South African accent. Let's be honest--Mattie giggles this entire episode.

Bryan Teare.jpgI remember when I turned 25 everyone told me I was "A QUARTER OR A CENTURY OLD!"...

Let's be didn't help things.  My guest for this week is Bryan Teare, host of The QuarterLife Comeback podcast and website.  When I first heard of his show, I thought, "Yes!  When you're 25 you don't know what the heck you're doing."  So I love how Byran uses his experience to shed some light on yours.  Very inspirational show.

Also, he's like 6'7" (I. Know!) and from South Africa and he models. Swoon alert people!

Follow all things Bryan at

And listen to the Quarter Life Comeback,'s so good!



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