Dear Mattie Show 83: The Language of Bromance with Richard and Shawn

Mattie is in bro-heaven with Richard and Shawn, as they discuss all things gross, lovely, and well...bro.

Language-of-Bromance-Logo.jpgI'm sitting here trying to write something clever about Richard and Shawn from the Language of Bromance and honestly...I got nothing. I got nothing because nothing I write is going to be as clever and funny AND as awesome as Richard and Shawn are.





And having them on my show was literally because I'm a fan.  I think because they are such good friends and the way they tease one another reminds me of myself and my brother.  I just can't love these guys enough. Oh so I apologize but we do talk about semen in the first 5 mins.  Lawd help!

Find all things Bromance at:

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There's a lot more. I also love when they talk about Game of Thrones because Richard does his "Shawn voice".  I'm literally crying from laughing listening to this show. I can't. So good.


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