Dear Mattie Show 85: Sarah & Beth from Pantsuit Politics and How to Keep Calm in Political Engaging

Mattie finds some rational, reasonable, and wonderful political conversation with Sarah & Beth from the Pantsuit Politics Podcast.

PantsuitPoliticsGraphic.jpgOkay, I've been struggling.  As an Oklahoma boy who's now an adult living in California, trying to understand both sides of the political coin has been, shall we say daunting?

But I can't give up on our country and the hope that I have for it. And I feel that from you too. I know because you write me and tweet me about it.

This episode should be called the Reasonable, Rational Politics Episode, because Sarah Holland and Beth Silvers from Pantsuit Politics are that--reasonable and rational women who disagree AND who respect one another.  It's something that is lost on most of us right now, and I'm to blame for that as well.

If you want to be involved in politics but don't want the negativity, this episode and in fact THEIR SHOW is for you. I'm such a fan of what they do and they hope they bring to me. Subscribe to their podcast here:

And follow their blog, sign up for their newsletter, and more at



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