Dear Mattie Show 88: Brian "B.J." Kang and the Asian-American Voice

Mattie is talking life motivation with B.J. Kang host of the Asian-American Voice AND The Business of Psychotherapy Podcasts.

BRIAN.jpegAre you working at the day job that's slowly taking your soul.  Well so was Brian "B.J." Kang.  It was consuming him. So what did he do?  He took the leap and hoped the net would appear, sugars.

And it did. 

Brian and I both get along because we are both really curious about people. We want to see how they work, they live, and then see how we can help them find the joy in that.  This is a super inspiring show.

Listen to Season 1 of the Asian-American Voice

or Brian's NEW podcast: The Business of Psychotherapy. And find all things Brian at


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