DMS 119: NEW EP with James Simmons from Ask the NP

James Simmons is on a mission to answer all the shit you are too scared to ask you MD about! He's fucking fabulous, y'all.

jamesSimmons.jpgJames Simmons is a Nurse Practitioner who wants to educate, entertain, and empower his audience by answering ALL the crap we are too scared to ask our MD!  James is a soul friend that I truly think I was meant to meet. He's so kind, funny as hell, and this was a long show because he and I couldn't stop talking--but I think y'all will enjoy it. He's hilarious AF and we both truly live to help others. Sugars, that is just a special bond for two fellas to have. #aww

And if you have a question for James, email me or just go straight to the source at  

And follow his cute, smart self on his socials:

Instagram: @AskTheNP

Twitter: @AskTheNP

Facebook: @AskTheNP



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