DMS 129: Liz Dolan from Safe for Work Podcast, dishing out work advice!

Liz Dolan was THE marketing boss at OWN, NIKE, FOX SPORTS...she was busy y'all. But she left that world with the mission to help others find peace and solutions to their own work drama. Hence she started the Safe For Work podcast, a work advice show. AND IT'S SO GOOD.

Liz Dolan.jpgWho better to give y'all some advice on what to do for work problems than a person who's been the Cheif Marketing Officer for OWN, NIKE & National Geographic? Lord, I'm worn out from just typing that! Thank goodness Liz Dolan is a ball of energy and she has got ya'll covered.  Now, she's also keeping it real y'all. The truthtalk about work problems ABOUNDS in this episode.

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