DMS 136: Rick Clemons and Living Life UnCloseted!

Two Southerners. Two Queens. Two Southern Queens on a mission to help you life your life truthfully. Rick Clemons is chatting with Mattie and it's nothing but truthtalk. Also, his coming out INCREDIBLE.

Rick Clemons.jpegRick Clemons is a man who fought to live his truth and now his mission is to find yours. Life coach, speaker, podcaster, and fellow Southern Queen--Rick is one of my favorite Dear Mattie guests of all time. His show Life Uncloseted goes there y'all. #truthtalk

I let Rick explain it best: "Stop it! No more mediocre living. Dreaming and not doing. Apologizing for living your life your way. Host Rick Clemons – bold move badass – sez “Live Life Uncloseted dammit!” Each episode he takes you on a brash, fun, and in your face, provocative storytelling ride to escape your crazy-making thoughts, explore your fears, and unabashedly elevate your self-expression so you can live your LIFE UNCLOSETED."

You find all things Rick at

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Here's my guest episode on Rick's podcast: Life Unclosed Ep 301

And if you are in Los Angeles and want to see Cabargay, get tickets HERE!


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