Ep 10 Darrin Yalacki

Darrin Yalacki is just an all around great guy. A comic, writer, and the friend who sees your potential life and makes you own up to it. LOVE IT!

7229_Darrin Yalacki.JPGDarrin Yalacki is inspiring...no literally he is.  I was a guest a while back on Darrin's podcast, The Empty Frame.  I loved it and afterwards he told me to get my ass in gear and get myself a podcast going.  So how fitting for episode 10 that I have him as a guest. Topics include: Am I still in love with a battering ex if I still dream about him? How do I ask my boss for a raise? I'm stuck in the rhythm of life, how do I discover who I am? And avoiding outside work drama. Oh that's tough sometimes, sugars...but we'll work it out!

Twitter: @dyalacki


Darren's Podcast:  http://www.empty-frame.com/


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