Ep 11 Petey Gibson and MARY DOLAN

Petey Gibson is just all heart. Whether it's doing stand-up, performing her crazy characters like Mary Dolan, or giving advice...she just gets to it. Loved having her

Petey gibson.jpgSome people are just true forces of talent.  Robin Williams, Gilda Radner...Petey Gibson.  I'm not kidding, y'all. This gal has got it.  And I think to be a great comedian you have to be someone who understands the hearts of people...what makes 'em tick, what makes 'em hurt, and what makes 'em laugh.  That's Petey, and that's why I had her on the show. And MAAAAAYBE one of her characters Mary Dolan (a horny 82 year old dirty mouth sassy-can) will be stopping by to answer a few questions as well.  Topics include: Do all gay guys take it up the butt? (for real), Help, my ex got all the friends, what do I do for the holidays?  And what do I do with my anxiety?  Oh God, Mary...I was crying from laughter in this show.

See more of Petey and Mary at www.theoriginalmary.com

or the twitter: @petey_gibson


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