Ep 14 Bryan Marr: MY BROTHER

Oh the sibling rivalry is coming out! I'm in Oklahoma right now, and I just couldn't pass up having my big brother dole out some advice AND some embarrassing childhood stories.

bubba.jpgI'm pretty lucky to say that one of my favorite people in the world is my brother, Bryan Marr. Yes we fought endlessly as teens, but now we really actually make one another crack up. And he's a damn good Dad. So on a trip back home to Oklahoma I thought, "Why not? Let's do a Podcast Bubba!". Topics include: how to introduce children to alcohol, do I call out abusive behavior or other people in public, wedding jitters, and my brothers favorite word...tits. OH Lard. We also tell a few good childhood stories of us torturing one another. This was one of my favorite shows to do y'all. Take a listen!



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