Ep 17 Mandi Mellen & Dan Salem

Okay this week's show was just fun. Mandi Mellen is a ballsy Italian girl from Boston and her husband Dan is the most mild mannered Connecticut guy. Together they are too cute and too funny. Also, they like to do it in your bed...just listen, sugars!

Dan&Mandi.jpgSometimes you meet people through normal circumstances and then sometimes you meet Mandi Mellen while being serenaded by Justin Timberlake. It's true. And then when I met her adorable and super sweet hubby Dan Salem, I knew I had to have them on the show. This newlywed couple give some great couple advice. Topics include: Can a wife have male friends, Am I boring my dates, Losing the weight but still feeling like a fat girl, and a mother-in-law catching her son doing the nasty!

They also have a truly hilarious web-series called Pillow Talk. It's actually kinda-of a big deal and getting a lot of buzz, but they won't admit it.  Watch via the links below!





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