Ep 18 Jake Anthony

This might be my most anticipated episode of The Dear Mattie Show yet! Yes on the show I have the Laverne to my Shirley, the Tom to my Jerry, the wicked Step-mother to my Cinderella (he's gonna kill me for that one)...it's Jake Anthony!

JakeandI.jpgYes this picture is blurry, but it captures Jake and I doing what we do best, singing in dresses about the South. Jake (I call him Poodle), Poodle and I have been great friends for over 13 years. We also were roommates for 5, and he might be the only person I know that's gayer than me. But even though we bicker at one another like sisters, I just have the best time with this bitch. Topics include: Thanksgiving etiquette, Do I meet the boyfriend's parents for the 1st time at Thanksgiving, and a Los Angeles actor who's a devout Christian and has trouble dating. Oh, and Poodle gets on about 3 different soapboxes. Happy Thanksgiving y'all. 

Here's a CabarGAY clip:




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