Ep 19 Ronnie Karam

When I was a kid I always wanted to be a host on Entertainment Tonight. Having Ronnie on my show kinda felt that way because he watches TV like it's his job...because it is!

RonniePIc.jpgWoo hoo!  We're back, sugars.  I apologize for the break but life, Jesus, and then New Years got in the way!  But I'm super stoked to be back with this week's guest Ronnie Karam. I've known Ronnie for almost 8 years from my improv comedy days, now he is a blogger and commentator about reality tv. He's also my FIRST guest that hosts a weekly podcast as well. So if you like Bravo shows, subscribe to his show. Topics include: Can I give herpes to my bf by giving him a bj?  My mother is embarrassing me on Facebook, do I scold her? Is the fear of getting a dog a metaphor for me being scared of relationships?


Ronnie's Podcast, WATCH WHAT CRAPPENS www.WatchWhatCrappens.com 


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