Ep 21 Nico Ospina

Nico Ospina is an attorney, a cross-fitter, a great boyfriend, and a damn good friend. I think, for this episode, we forgot the mics were on cuz we talked about some personal stuff, sugars! But it made for a good heartfelt show!

screenshot_02.jpgYou know how you have those friends that listen to you go on and on and ON, about your problems---and then the politely interrupt you to say get over yourself and stop seeing your problems over your solutions. THAT is Nico. He is one of my most driven, most optimistic, and most caring friends...he's also the most competitive. Well he does have Latin blood in him! This is a great show and I liked that you can tell were best friends because we veered off on tangents a lil, and Nico might have told some stories on me! Topics include: I have a crush on my roommates brother? What the heck is a lumbersexual? My roommate's pot smoking is stinking up our place! And (from a 12 yo girl) should I practice kissing on my hand? Adorable, but I can't believe a 12 year old is listening to this show, where are your parents sugar!?


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