Ep 23 Nelson Henderson & Kenny Suarez

I, in my own humble opinion, have the best two commercial agents in the world. I love Kenny & Nelson so much that I decided to have them on the show. Call me "Soooo L.A.!", but I really do love my agents...they're also real pretty.

BigSurNDphoto.jpg_B0C4492suarez.jpgI told you my agents are pretty.  Kenny and Nelson run Brick Entertainment and I gotta say these two are just ethical, good guys. I always imagined that an agent would be like Estelle from FRIENDS, you know Joey Tribiani's agent?! Well I was wrong sugars. Personally, I liked doing this episode because I got to know two people I know in a business context and now I'm more familiar with them in a personal sense...wait that sounded dirty. I just meant I like getting to know strangers in a more intimate way. Oh, Lord, you know what I mean! Topics include: How to get a friend to get past the grief of losing her husband, What's the best shaving cream, if I'm 55 is it too old to go back to medical school!


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