Ep. 27 Steph Tolev

It's my first international guest on the Dear Mattie Show. So get your Mountie loving, hockey playing, Anne of Green Gables loving self in on this show, because Steph Tolev is bringing the Canadian comedy to this week's episode.

steftolev.jpgI actually almost pee-ed in my pants the first time I met Steph Tolev. Not. Kidding. I saw her at a stand up show, and she was just one of the funniest and quirky comics I've seen in a long time. She's a huge hit in Canada and she will be coming to LA soon permanently. I'm glad I got her on the show before she gets famous y'all...for real. I haven't laughed this much in a show in a long time. I also get to discuss my love for Shania Twain! P.S. Mom this show is NOT for you. Steph and I get a lil' dirty! Topics include: I bought a wedding gift but returned it because my friend is shady!; My boyfriend started sending me creepy texts, help?; I'm Mormon and he's Baptist...is this gonna work out?

Find all things Steph at www.stephtolevishilarious.com.



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