Ep 28 Killian McHugh

Killian McHugh...I know how Irish and adorable is that?! He's also got the Irish heart, Irish sass, and the Irish humor to go with it. This was a fun, heartfelt episode to tape.

Killian McHugh copy.jpgKillian is the definition of a self-made man. He's a successful actor, Casting Director, Accomplished teacher, dog-lover, and someone who prides himself on Truth Talking (that's a nice way of saying he doesn't put up with BS, sugars!) Fun show with some tell it like it is advice! Question include: How as a mother do I find calm in a hectic life? I'm having a dream I'm making out with an ex-boyfriend...help! And I think I like my boring job, but my friends say I'm settling...am I?

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