Ep 29 Tone Bell

I had to focus in this episode. Why? Because I'm interviewing a sexy black man...who's also funny...and who's ALSO into manners. Tone Bell! I can't. Too much sexy.

tone_bell.jpgYou know when a person is just smooth? The kind of guy who can be classy, a lil' sexy, a lotta funny, and just plain fun to be around? That's Tone. Lord his girlfriend is lucky. I met him at stand up event sponsored by NBC and we've been friends ever since. Tone also has some great life advice, straight for his heart.His career is skyrocketing with his latest stint on NBC's BAD JUDGE, CW's THE FLASH and he has more shows in the works. Inspiring! Questions include: Does monogamy last? I hate being a teacher but what do I do with my life? Is my marriage finished and how do I know when to move on?


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