Ep 33 Megan Heyn

Megan Heyn looks like a beautiful princess and she is, but she's soo funny and soo bawdy. Honestly, I feel like she has the appearance of Cinderella but the soul of Bette Midler. I just love her.

megan heyn.jpg

When Megan Heyn isn't starring in shows like NBC's Mulaney, Don't Trust the B--- In Apartment 23, working with legends like Martin Short andamp; Penny Marshall, she's hanging out with me in our PJ's watching Hayley Mills movies.  She. Is. A. Joy. And with her wicked sense of humor, she makes a great guest with some good advice.  In fact she gave better advice than me when I became incensed by a listener's question...grr. Topics include: My ex-husband won't grow up but I still have to deal with him, I'm a gay man who hates the Golden Girls, how long should I send my kid away to camp, and what's a good face scrub.

Find all things Megan at http://www.meganheyn.com/

Or check out her hilarious youtube videos. Here's one:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxV6d3mH83o


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