Ep. 38 Jill Alexander

Hold the phones...we've got two gingers handing out advice. Yep, Jill Alexander is here. What's gonna happen, sugars?!

Jill Alexander.jpgI could not be more excited to have Jill on the show. I've been trying for months, but darn it...she's always working!  No for real, Jill is the most successful actor I know.  She's been in over a 100 national commercials, on Mad Men (that lil' show) and on Silicon Valley.  So I'm sure you're thinking right now..."Don't I know her?"  Well you don't sugars, but you can now.  She's got a great head for business, clarity, and just good ol' common sense. I just love this gal.  

Check out all things Jill at www.jillforpromqueen.com.


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