Ep 39 Ty Mayberry

In this episode, actor and one of my biggest crushes ever, Ty Mayberry, comes to the show and I have a hard time focusing. Great man. Great heart. Great episode.

Ty Mayberry PIc.jpgRobert Redford, Paul Newman, Brad Pitt...and Ty Mayberry. I'm not kidding. That's the kind of beautiful man Ty is. I mean those eyes. AND I also lump him in that category of actors because he is that talented.

That's honestly why I had him on the show. Yes he's hot, BUT this episode maybe one of my favorites because to be a great actor, I think you have to be a great feeler, great empathizer, and someone who thinks about people a lot. Hence, Ty was so great at answering your questions.

We laughed a lot, but this is one of the first episodes that Ty got me a lil' teary...ME! Also, I talk about the viral commercial I was in for Tide Detergent and how that came about this week. Topics include: My 4th grader is not doing well in school and says his teacher is the problem! I want to cook something for my husband, to eat of my body...your advice? And what question, would you want someone to ask you on your show?

Ty will be performing at the Falcon Theater in Scot and Hem and he will be playing Ernest Hemingway. Get tickets here.  And you can follow all things Ty at www.tymayberry.com.


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