Ep. 5 Drew Droege & Colleen Smith

Matt sits down with Groundlings comedy elite, Drew Droege and Colleen Smith. And as funny as Drew and Colleen are, this conversation was moving at times. And it's Mattie's first podcast as a threesome!

DSC_0114.JPGDrew Dreoge and Collen Smith are just two very very funny people. They are both in the Groundlings company and perform all over Los Angeles. I had them on to make me laugh, but they actually had some heartfelt insight that kinda blew my mind at times. Love when that happens! Topics include: Is porn emotional cheating, a Mom needing a vacation, and Robin Williams and the stigma of suicide. I know that sounds like a depressing show, but I promise you'll leave listening with a smile.

This fall Colleen will be on the new ABC show SELFIE, so check her out and follow her twitter: @collensmi

And Drew is all over the place in LA theaters.  Follow him on twitter at @drewdroege.


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