Ep 52 Paul Gilmartin from The Mental Illness Happy Hour Podcast

Mattie sits down with one of his podcasting idols--the darkly hilarious--Paul Gilmartin.

PaulGilmartin.jpgAs you know, I've been obsessed with being a TV host since I was a kid.  And even in my youth, I've always thought Paul Gilmartin was a great host.  His first hosting claim to fame was TBS's Dinner and a Movie.  He was always so funny, likable, and self deprecating. In 2011, Paul launched The Mental Illness Happy Hour Podcast.  This hilarious show takes on the gravity of mental illness, but with a lightness and camaraderie that makes it so relatable and good.  It's a show that I am crying from being moved or from laughing at a joke Paul makes. It's in my top 3 fav podcats y'all.  When I met Paul at LA Podfest in 2015, I totally fanned him and his response was, "I'd love to do your show".  I DIDN'T EVEN ASK...HE JUST OFFERED!!!  This guy. So Sweet. Dream come true. Thanks so much Paul.   Topics include: I'm stuck in my grief and I don't know how to get out of it, help? I caught my teenage son smoking pot, and my wife is freaking out...should I be as well? I'm pretty sure my husband is cheating on me, should I confront him?

Find all things Paul Gilmartin here: http://mentalpod.com/ or on Twitter @mentalpod


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