Ep 53 Karamo Brown Returns

Mattie sits down with Karamo Brown, a host on Huff Post Live, Dr. Drew On Call, and Los Angele's FOX News Entertainment Reporter.

karamo-body-01.jpgYes...I know. This picture has NOTHING to do with Karamo Brown the intellectual, funny, charming host that you see on your TV. It pretty much just shows that he's really friggin' hot. I mean...And God Made Man, sugars! But really, I do love having Karamo on the show because it's like having Oprah/Dr. Phil/Cookie Lion (Empire) all on the same show. He does NOT hold back on his answers, but it's all said with love. I will have this handsome soul back for sure. 

Find all things Karamo at: http://www.karamobrown.com/ 

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