Ep 56 Jackie Weisman aka the Muddling Momma

In this episode, Mattie sits down when a long-time listener to the show, mother, badass, and diaper hero--Jackie Weisman.

JackieWeisman.jpgI know. Isn't that the cuttest family ever? That's Jackie and her beautiful family. I met Jackie--through the podcast. No really. She was a listener who found my show but we've been in contact and now I feel like we've been friends since middle school. She's a young mom who admits she does NOT having all together, and by sharing her story of navigating through motherhood and being a wife, she has developed a loyal following of people who love her. This show just made my heart happy because at the end of the day we all just want to connect with other people and know that we have been "seen" by someone. And I think Jackie and I do that for another. Also, Jackie started an awesome non-profit that garners diapers to families who just can't afford them.

I know. She's rad.

Check out and follow all things Jackie:

Blog: muddlingmomma.com

Diaper Non-Profit: www.12for1.org

Twitter/Insta: @jmw3883

On Facebook: muddlingmomma and jackiemweisman


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