Ep 57 Susan Hunter on behalf of Sexual Assault Awareness Month

In this, very special episode of the Dear Mattie Show, Mattie talk with Susan Hunter, a survivor of sexual assault, and her mission to help others.

Susan Hunter pic.jpgAs many of you have seen on social media, April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). That's why I felt it was important to take a departure from the typical Dear Mattie Show and discuss the epidemic of rape in our country-and our world for that matter. Susan's survival of her own rape is compelling and her desire to help others is inspiring. I hope you enjoy this episode and that hopefully you hear some tips we discuss to keep yourself safe. NOTE: This episode is for adults only and if you are a victim of sexual assault, you could be triggered by some of the descriptions in this episode.

You can find all things Susan on her Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/susan.hunter.1865

And her blog, where she writes about her experience at: http://injusticewillbeserved.blogspot.com/


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