Ep. 6 Dawn McCoy of Beautyfrosting.com

Dawn McCoy is THAT neighbor who cooks food for you and just sits right down on your front porch for a chat. I love her. She's also the creator of BeautyFrosting.com, which is all things beauty, baking, & being.

Dawn&Mattie.jpgDawn McCoy isn't just a beauty blogger, a host, and a philanthropist...SHE'S MY NEIGHBOR!   We met years ago while walking our pups and we quickly became great friends.  On this episode, we get to truth talking y'all.  Topics include: Dealing with a narcissistic parent, how to live your life purpose, and advice for a distraught 33 year old woman who is having sex with a 19 year old man!  (I want THAT problem sugar!) So get your sweat tea ready for this very Southern episode of the Dear Mattie Show.

Read her blog at www.beautyfrosting.com or Instagram @beautyfrosting

Follow Dawn on Twitter:  @beautyfrosting

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BeautyFrosting

PIntrest: www.pinterest.com/beautyfrosting


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