Ep 9 Rachel Swetnam

Rachel Swetnam, back in the day, was stage manager. If you've never worked in theater let me tell you something--stage managers have got their shit TOGETHER. Which is good because we have some INTENSE QUESTIONS on this show.

Lori & Rachel Wedding-220.jpgRachel Swetnam has been through some shit y'all and not only has she come out of it okay, she glitters like a friggin' Liberace piano. She was the perfect guest to not only offer some sage advice but to also bring up her love of Saved By the Bell. Topics include: I think I've gotten used by a guy and I just can't let go? Why do guys lie about their height on internet dating websites? And Rachel and Matt both discuss the first time they figured out they were gay.

Follow Rachel on The Twitter: @rachelette

P.S. This picture is from when I did Rachel's makeup for her wedding!  #Gay


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