DMS 135: Katie Ward from The Enthusiasm Enthusiast

Have you ever met that person that gets excited when you get excited? You haven't. Well sugars, meet Katie Ward.


Y'all! This was a great conversation that I really loved. Mainly because I had no idea of where it was going to go and because Katie Ward is such a legit renaissance woman, I could talk to her all damn day. She is truly a person who just really cares about others. And you know what she's a white straight woman y'all--she could choose to stay in her bubble but instead, she is an ally and champion to others and I just think that's what life is about. Love her.

Host Katie Ward is an actor, writer, and mom. However, she's also a feminist who values intersectionality and is easily excitable. On The Enthusiasm Enthusiast, Katie talks with the feminists influencing our politics, media, science, and culture. At the heart of every interview is the essential question, "What are you really enthusiastic about right now?" Subscribe to Katie's show on Apple Podcasts

And listen to my guest appearance on HER SHOW HERE SUGARS!


And here's the link to the Nicole Holland show that I talked about in the outro.


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