DMS 132: Lisa Foster and How to Awaken Your Life from Past Trauma

Lisa Foster is a truth talker. A survivor of sexual assault and incest, Lisa has dedicated her work to helping people re-authoring the trauma in their life.

LejGM5fJ_400x400.jpgLisa Foster helps make the dark unknown safe to explore. Her own Hero’s Journey began decades ago when she confronted her father about sexually abusing her. As Lisa began to heal from self-hatred, sexual trauma, and self- protection, she noticed something: The shame-based lens of our culture condemned her to a lifetime in the transformation stage as a “survivor.” But Lisa was determined to pioneer a path beyond survival, to an abundant, free, fully-expressed life without limits.

Lisa created Parillume  so others, like you, could join her.

Get help from Lisa following these links:

StrengthsFinder ($19.99)
Myers Briggs (free)
Enneagram ($12: Recommended) orEnneagram (free)

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